The Most Important Number in Numerology 16 September 2013

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Well you may have seen on TV how numerologists promise they will calculate your compatibility number, your celebrity number, your desire number, your inner dreams number…but the most important number in numerology chart is the Life Path Number . So agenuine numerology reading will be the one which reveals your path of life number. Why is this number so important?

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The life path number is extremely personal because it is calculated using your date of birth. The number you will get willactually reveal what is your main purpose on this earth. Through his number you will learn which is the most fulfilling path in life that you must take. Maybe you would like to become a lawyer, but your life path number shows you will achieve true success if you lean mostly towards your artistic side (such as becoming a writer for example). Writing might be your hobby, but you would never think you can make a gorgeous living out of this…

This is why the life path number is so important. It will reveal all your weaknesses and strengths. You will find out about the potential obstacles that will come your way on your path to success. By knowing about these obstacles you will know how to cleverly avoid them and take the shortestand less effortful road to success.

numerology chart The positive traits of your life path number are basically all those helpful skills that you possess which will take you into the good direction. Also find out about the negative traits and aspects of your character/personality and learn to balance these nicely.

The life path number can be easily determined by adding up all the digits in your birth date, and continue adding them up until you will get one single number. If you find this complex, you can use the available free numerology calculator online to get your life path number quickly!

Name Numerology Analysis 12 September 2013

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get a free numerology reading Numerology is such a fascinating science, and it can help you reveal so many things about your personality. By choosing the right numerology experts, you will get truly in-depth solutions to your most complex problems. You will find out what are the obstacles that might arise in your way to fulfilling your dream, or find out which are your best talents so that you can make the perfect career choice. Name numerology in particular will help you get your personal expression/destiny number, your soul urge number, and your innate dream numbers. An expert numerologist will make sure to offer you a thorough analysis, explanation and characterization of your main traits, wishes, talents, weaknesses and so on. Even a numerology calculator can help you calculate the numbers for yourself.

So let’s see an example. Here are some numerology report details for the name Rachel, which is a pretty common female name in the US:

If you would like to have access to a free number meanings chart and check out your own personal number and character traits, you should log on to very good free resource for everything pertaining to numerology.

Learn more about numerology meanings 8 September 2013

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Many of us wonder as to what meanings lay behind the numbers that make up our DOB or name. Certain numbers may even reappear time and again in our lives. From very early times, mankind has been obsessed with finding out the meaning of numbers and how these numbers relate to our lives.

Numerologists know that that there are nine different and unique archetype that correspond to the same number of cycles of development. These numbers are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. These numbers are referred to as core numbers and digital root numbers. Compound numbers can be obtained by combining core numbers. To understand a number meanings in numerology it is necessary to make comprehensive examination of the root numbers.

Zero is not a number that is contained nor does it contain any other number. It actually exists outside of all cycles. You can add zero to a number to achieve perfection. The number one is a pillar number and it has masculine energy and can strike out on its own.

free numerology reading The number two helps in bringing about relationships. It has the strength of the number one but it also signifies humbleness. The number three on the other hand brings a person into their social sphere. This number is also open in its form and is open at the top and receives higher influences.

The number four makes use of the ideas that are expressed by the number three. The number five tests the solidity of a person’s foundation. It is a number that turns itself around and it signifies freedom as well as adventure.

The number six broadens the limit of the number four and places more responsibility on the number five. The number six is pregnant with love. The number seven questions as well as wants answers while the number eight is a carrier of dynamic power. Finally, the number nine has the same characteristics as the number six. Click here for a free numerology reading.

Your Life and Numerology 1 September 2013

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One thing people should know about numerology calculator is that it is based in many forms. One form of numerology takes into account, the happenings in your daily life. This form states that all the happenings going on in our lives are not just random events. Everything happens for a reason and that everything that we do, how we move in life, the decisions we make, the actions that we take have a significant or complete influence of what happens next in our lives. This is a branch or numerology patterns in which our daily habits and measured up to calculate our future.

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This branch of pattern numerology states that whatever actions we take have an influence on what happens next in our lives and the next decision as well. Experts state that numbers automatically take charge and effect depending on what is going on around and to us and keep on recalculating constantly what will happen next. This will ultimately take you on a path in your life, which has been planned numerically for you. Although the art or knowledge as some may call it, it is applicable in the modern world as well and is being followed by many people around the world.

What attracts people to this method is the mystery through which people want to govern their lives and see what’s next. People actually are curious and want surprises. This field helps them make decisions in such a manner which does not take them on a set path, but one which is constantly evolving and presents results in such a way that it is unexpected. Although under this method we do control our actions; the results are not in our control. This is what keeps people intrigued and keep them inclined towards using pattern numerology chart in their lives.

What does your name really mean? 24 August 2013

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NumerologyCalculator.orgNumerology is an ancient science that derives both occult as well as esoteric relationships between a set of numbers and living things as well as physical objects. If you are one who believes in numerology then you will know that numbers affect what happens to you in your life and they also affect your health and finances as well as relationships.

The numbers that you obtain from your name and your date of birth can be used in a numerology chart to find out your personality and relationships as well as your future. However, before you read too much into the numbers derived from your name and birth date you should understand that there is no scientific proof to show that these numbers are true. Even so, many people still believe in numerology.

The beginnings of numerology can be traced to about 1000 BC. At those times both Roman and Hebrew numbers were made up of letters of the alphabet and at that time zero had not been invented. There were some numbers that were formed from the letters in your name could be interpreted as words that had a special meaning. This practice continues today and there are some numbers (e.g. 1009) which means MIX in Roman and which is a verb and noun in English.

numerology chartOnce the Arabic number system was adopted there were a number of numerology systems which assigned numerical values to different letters of the alphabet. There are several different numerology meanings and each one depends on the system being used.

If you are interested in learning more about what your name really means you should use a numerology calculator such as the one that is available at To convert a character string into a small number you will need to make use of a hash function which is a mathematical function that performs the necessary conversion.

Do you know the numerology meanings of your numbers? 17 August 2013

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Numerology meanings have been known to us since the time of Pythagoras. There are several aspects of numerology that one should be aware about including the numerology meanings of your numbers. The number one for example means unity and beginnings as well as God and masculinity. This number also is a symbol of physical as well as mental activity.

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The number two on the other hand signifies dualist beliefs and Gnostic. This number is feminine and it shows traits such as receptive, yielding and forgiving as well as being passive and stable. The nice thing about the number two is that it makes you function in a more efficient manner.

The number three is masculine and signifies the Holy Trinity. Three is a number that also signifies active traits and it is harmonious as well as pleasure loving. It also brings more joy into the lives of others. A person with a number three will be ready to meet life directly.

The number four is feminine. In numerology reading this number represents the four seasons and four elements as well as four directions. People with a number four will be rigid as well as stable and they are also surefooted and they will show a determination to meet their goals.

The number five is masculine and it is a number that represents the senses and is made up of four limbs plus a single head. The number six is feminine and is a combination of a male triangle as well as female triangle. People with a number six are warm and safe as well as stable.

The number seven is masculine and people with this numbers will be very disciplined and able to work unsupervised. They also take to daydreaming and they need to relax and sleep. The number eight is feminine and people with this number like to gather wealth. The number nine on the other hand is masculine and those who are nines will be able to achieve great things in life.

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